I started to become obsessed with indie music around 2005 or so. It was just so….different and real and it resonated with me in ways that mainstream superheroes of mine never did. Nowadays indie is just some umbrella term, tossed around to no end until it’s lost all of its meaning. Radio stations that used to play club hits are now catching indie riffs from the likes Of Monsters and Men and Mumford & Sons and have stirred a string of copycat wannabes. What once made a genre so special has now vanished into thin air. Indie music is dead to me.

Or so I thought. Macklin Underdown’s project, Fthrsn, burns my doubts to the ground and proves that something magical can still be conjured up amongst this rocketship burst of popularity in indie music. It touches on indie’s glory days when buzzwords like lo-fi and chill wave blasted through the blogosphere but attenuates a more unique personality by acculturating techniques more akin to akin to music today. 

With a luscious trap-like drumbeat, dazed vocals, and simplistic pop sensibilities, “What do i want to be when i grow up” is like swimming through a sea of dreams. It’s an enchanting rendezvous that deserves far more recognition than its getting.

「MEOW」// Anamanaguchi


What a SoHo Loft should be!!! Great poly’ed flooring with exposed brick walls, with a fire escape looking out onto Broadway


Douglas Friedman’s apartment


The Art of Packing.



PC over everything.
Got this baby MSI GX-740 
And customized cpu that can both easily run “ultra” on latest games.
Costed about a grand each.
For a grand, thats a lot and you can constantly update it.

PC is free internet…? What…? You pay for your internet and you pay for most good graphic games.

> Says PC gaming is “cheap”
> Paid over a grand for his gaming laptop.
> Games a 17” laptop screen instead of a 30”+ tv screen.
> Prolly loud as hell.

Sorry for my sarcasm, I just don’t get PC gaming. Unless I’m playing LoL, WoW, or an RTS, I just find no need for a PC gaming rig. Sure, you can achieve graphics that dominate the PS3/Xbox but that costs a ton of money. And the games. Console exclusives are just more intriguing IMO. The PS3’s “The Last of Us” and 360’s “Halo 4” look absolutely killer and fun as hell. And where’s my social aspect? Where can I drink some tonic and play some Fruit Ninja Kinect/Smash Bros with my buds on PC? Sorry PC gamers, consoles aren’t going anywhere.

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Just copped a pair of 12.5oz Raspberry Scratch-and-Sniff jawnz from Naked and Famous. I can’t wait to finally break them in; my Nudies are completely destroyed.
ALSO the sweet Raspberry smell means I’ll never have to wash the denim. Ultra high contrast fades, here I come! 


“Goodbye My Love” Fresh Espresso

Hailing from Seattle, the land of Starbucks and grunge rock, Fresh Espresso is comprised of beatmaker P Smoov and MC Rik Rude. “Goodbye My Love” is an emotional track that throws you straight into Espresso’s diary entries by highlighting themes of drugs, lost love, and death. Smooth singing and snappy versus cut through the old-school, sample rich beat. Groovy synths and well textured voices add a new-school twist to the old-school vibe and elevate this song above all of the other sample-heavy artists.

Fresh Espresso is definitely a force to reckon with in the hip-hop genre. Be sure to check out their sophomore debut, Bossalona on Bandcamp!